Friday, July 5, 2013

Marriage & Date Nights

Lately the Husband and I have been so busy with organizing things at the house, both of our jobs and my exercise classes that it didn't seem like we were having quality time together.  Sure we watch TV, eat dinner and run errands together but we weren't taking the time to go have fun together.  I am not saying we don't have fun together or that there are any issues, just that we needed to focus on one another more.  Does that make sense?

So I came up with a plan.  Scared yet?  Don't be, I do have good ideas from time to time. :-)  We would make time to have a date night/day once a week.  It does not necessarily mean that we have to go out and do something and spend a lot of money.  It can be something as simple as watching a movie together and ordering a pizza or cooking out.  What it will not be is watching the same TV shows, it has to be something different.  The other rules are that we can not be on any electronic devices; no texting, facebooking or talking on the phone.  If the date night is during the week it means that we will make the effort to leave work on time, no matter how much work we feel that we have left to do.  Understanding though, that if a storm roles through and the Husband gets held at work or has to go in, then we reschedule.

We decided that I would plan the first date.  Originally, I had scheduled it for last Saturday.  He would ride out with me to my hair appointment (running errands while I was at my appointment), we would grab a quick bite to eat and then got to see an afternoon movie.  The plan was to see The Heat, with Sandra Bullock.  Okay, so I know seeing a movie may not be that original of an idea but here is the thing, I think the Husband and I have only seen one or two movies together in an actual movie theater since we have been together.  We have been married about 3 1/2 yrs. and together for about 4 1/2 yrs.  I thought it would be nice to go and laugh together and hold hands.

Unfortunately the Husband was experiencing some technical difficulties with his shoulder, he has an injury so we were unable to go on Saturday.  I didn't hold it against him though and told him we could do it the next week.

We planned it for a Tuesday night, where he would come and meet me at work and we would drive over to the theater together.  So Tuesday arrived and he came and picked me up and we drove over together.  Since the movie was not until 6:40 p.m. we hung out in the car and talked about our day.  When we went in to purchase the tickets I was pleasantly surprised, I guess Regal Theaters are doing regal days, I am not sure if this is every Tuesday or what  but we ended up only paying $13.00 for both tickets, plus we scored a coupon for $2 for a small popcorn.  They also had $2 nachos and hot dogs, where they got you was on the soda prices.  So that was a major bonus!

The movie was pretty funny and we had a good time laughing together, which was the whole point.  Since we ended up missing the date night last week, it sounds like the Husband is planning something for Saturday night.  I can not wait to see what he has planned.  He is so much more creative than I am.

So no matter how busy life gets remember to have fun with your spouse or significant other.  Power down the electronics and spend some time together.  It is so important to enjoy the time that you have with one another.

Until next time...keep on adventuring!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Glaucoma at 30????

Recently I have been trying to be more healthy.  I HATE being overweight.  Oh who am I kidding???  I hate being FAT.  This is not the person I have always been and I do not want to be this person anymore.  So I put a plan together.

1. Start working out
2. Quit smoking
3. Start eating healthier

Along with this plan is taking care of myself, doctor check ups and trying to de-stress more.

So as I was working on this plan of action, I knew that I needed to schedule an eye doctor appointment.  It had been a couple of years since I had been to the eye doctor, I could tell my vision had changed and I needed new glasses.  I finally stopped putting it off and decided to make an appointment.  Originally I was trying to find a place that was close to my house, but then I decided with my families eye history issues, I would go where my parents and grandmother go.  I honestly did not expect to have any issues, I mean I am 30 right?  Wrong...When I went to the eye doctor and they checked the pressure in my eyes, the pressure was super high in both eyes.  They suspected Glaucoma but I would have to schedule an appointment to go through the testing.  They prescribed some eye drops and I had to wait three weeks before my next appointment.

I go to my next appointment hoping that it is not Glaucoma, again I am still stuck on this whole being 30 thing.  I go through all the testing and the final diagnosis is Glaucoma.  Luckily there is no peripheral damage but apparently there is some damage in one eye, nothing that they seemed overly concerned about and I am not sure if this was even related.  I did ask lots of questions but there is so much information to take in.

They ended up having to change the drops that I was using because it did not bring the pressure down in my eyes enough.  However, I am having an issue with these drops and need to call them tomorrow.

Obviously I am upset about this diagnosis but what can you do?  As long as I keep the pressure down I should not have any issues.  It is nothing that I did wrong, it is just something that happens and it is hereditary.  Even though I don't understand why I have this issue so young, I will do everything that I can to control it.

So folks, remember to get your eyes checked on a regular basis, no matter what your age is.  Your eye health is just as important as the rest of your health!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't Wanna Be An American Idiot... what do you think this blog is about?  If you are a Green Day fan then you might have figured it out.  If you are not then you probably think this blog is about something totally different then what it is really about.

Drum roll please (literally).....

Yes, that is right folks, I went to see the Broadway show Green Day's American Idiot!  Not on Broadway but through Broadway Across America.

Check out the tickets, they were second row!

Yes, we sat that close!  I have to say the show was awesome!  The music was a blast from the past and I could not stop moving to the music.  The actors/actresses were phenomenal and with sitting so close you could really see all of their facial expressions.

My friend and I had a blast and really enjoyed the show.  If it is in your area then I suggest checking it out, if you were a Green Day fan.  If you were not then this would not probably be a good show for you.  

I can't wait for next year's show line up!  Have you seen any shows lately that you have enjoyed?

P.S.  This show is not appropriate for kids so I would not suggest taking them.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Husband Vs. My Purses

So the Husband has this thing about telling me I have to many purses.  How could a woman possibly have to many purses?  This is just not possible!

He jokes about me getting rid of some of them but I will never part with them, NEVER, do you hear me?

So what started me on this topic?  Well I was going about my own business this weekend, cleaning out some of my purses and packing them all nicely in to a box, preparing them for the big move to our new house.  When he decided to write this on the box and snap a picture.

He thinks he is so funny!  I will get him back for posting this on Facebook; I will get him when he least expects it.

So for now I need to get back to packing. Until next time...hopefully we will be packed and unpacked.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Date Night With The Husband

I really do have a husband...although he has only been referenced in my blogs lately and they have not focused on the things that we have done together.  I guess Life Adventures in Indiana has mainly been focused on my adventures as of late and not our adventures. However, in my defense he has been working a lot of overtime, so we have been like two ships passing in the night.  Like I how I passed the blame on to the Husband?

I decided to do something about this!  The perfect opportunity presented itself and there would be no overtime on Monday night, only husband and wife time.  No excuses, no ifs, ands or buts!  You might be asking what did I do?  Well I scheduled a date night and made a reservation, destination Sullivan's Steakhouse in Indianapolis.  If you are familiar with this restaurant then you might be thinking to your self, oh what a big spender, what is the special occasion.  I was not a total big spender and there was no special occasion, except for wanting to get dressed up and spend quality time with the Husband.

I will let you in on my little secret.  Check it out   Multiple restaurants are participating in this and it is $30.00 per person for three courses! See, I can be pretty smart. ;)  Of course be prepared for your total to be over $60.00, there is the cost of drinks, any additional items you might order and of course the tip.  Still we spent only a little over $100.00 for a meal, for the both of us, that typically would run around $200.00 or more.

The money was well spent as the Husband had never been there before and apparently, according to him he liked their FB page a couple of years ago, when I was talking about how I had been there a few times and about how much I loved it.  So he can now cross that off of his food bucket list.

Seriously the Husband cracks me up.  While we were finishing our meal I told him that he is spoiled, that I never should have introduced him to fine dining in the past.  He looked at me and said "No I am not, I need culture."  He realized his mistake right after he said that, I looked at him and repeated what he said, "You need culture? So you would like to attend an opera, the ballet..."  Before I could finish he said "Food culture".  Yes, folks that is the Husband, everything is about food with him.  You take him to a Broadway show and he does not appreciate it but you take him to a steak place where the bill is over $200.00 and he calls it culture.

So my fellow adventurers take the time to spend with your significant other whenever you get a chance, especially if you are becoming two ships passing in the night.  Splurge a little on a nice night out together where you can get dressed up and feel sexy!

Until next time...when my blog will probably revert to being about me because let's be honest life really is about me.  Right???

Monday, March 11, 2013

Booty Camp Kicked My Booty

Whose idea was it to lose weight and get in shape?  Surely it was not me who wanted to put myself through this torture.  Can I blame it on my BFF or the Husband?  Or does the blame solely lie with me?

I could blame it on that Stripper 101 class in Las Vegas, which was my BFF's idea.  After that class we felt invigorated; we thought to ourselves we've got this and we will partner up to lose weight together.  Dancing on a pole is fun and whew, what a workout!

Yep, I think it all started with that class.  So when a Groupon came up for a place called Poll -Up ($49.00 for ten different group classes) we purchased it.  Now, here is where I blame the Husband, he is the one who physically purchased the classes on Groupon for us.  What husband doesn't want his wife to learn how to dance on a pole and give lap dances?

Las Vegas - 2013

So the Groupons were purchased and we were ready to get our booties in shape!  I guess at this point it did not really matter whose idea it was.  

Here is where the "Booty Camp kicked my booty" portion comes in.  The class we took on Saturday was called Booty Camp.  I think we did over 100 squats and multiple other things.  For the next two days I had to use the handicap bar in the ladies room at work just to get off of the toilet.  When I tried to get up from the couch I needed the Husband's help.  At one point in time he just sat there laughing at me and would not help me get up.  He said that I needed one of those recliners that lift you out of the chair.  He will be punished for this. 

So I really just want to do what the photo above says.  Why can't it be as easy as that?  Why must I torture myself?  So after all of this we decided that we will do it again and try out some of the other classes as well.  Man, that handicap rail in the ladies room at work is sure going to get a workout!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Don't Judge Me

Okay, so I am overweight.  This is not why I am asking you not to judge me.  While my friend and I were in Vegas we decided that we were going to commit to starting to work out together.  We would be workout buddies.

So we have started...Last night we worked out with the Wii to Just Dance Disney Party.  This is why I asked you not to judge me.  What can I say, she has kids and it was convenient.  Now let me tell you that thing can give you quite a workout, especially Hannah Montana's Hoedown or whatever.  C'mon you know I had to try that song, it just made me laugh and if you can not guess why, well I am just not going to explain it to you.

So at the end of the workout, I was huffing and puffing but yet I felt good.  I was like "I got this".  Well it got me, do you know that after doing I don't know how many dances and songs, the sucker had the audacity to tell me I had only burned 19 something calories.  I told that you know what that it was wrong, I was a fat girl and I had burned way more calories then that with all of that boob shaking and bouncing around.  I think I almost threw the Wii remote at it.  However, I restrained myself since I did not want to ruin my friend's TV.  I kind of thought she might frown upon that and maybe would not invite me over to work out again.

So after all of that here is what I am thinking...

Just kidding, kind of.  I am committed to continuing to workout.  Hey, I even bought a three pound sand ball that I can throw at people at work.  Wait am I not supposed to do that?  Okay, I bought it to lift from time to time when I take a break.

Friday, February 1, 2013

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

So I mentioned in a prior post that my husband surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate my dirty thirty.  
Picture this...It is 3:45 a.m. on a Sunday morning.  The Husband comes in to the room and says "Wake up baby, we have a plane to catch."  I groggily respond with “Where are we going.”  “We are going to New York.”  “Are INSERT NAME HERE and HERE going?”  “No.”  “Are you sure?”  “Yes.”  So I get up and start getting around, after all I have a plane to catch.  As I start to take my jacket, he tells me that I do not need it.  Wait a minute?  Isn’t it the middle of winter????  Hey, are we going on a cruise.  What is going on?  The response is I will tell you more when we get to the airport.  Sigh, I hate waiting.
We arrive at the airport and to my surprise INSERT NAME HERE and HERE are there.  Yay, my best friend and her husband are joining us.

We have arrived….

Now remember what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas, right?  Okay you dragged it out of me, maybe I will share a little bit.

There might have been a Stripper 101 class involved and maybe a trip to…

I would have to say this is one of the best adventures that I have ever had!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thirty May Look Good On Me

My thirties may look good on me.  Did I really just type that?  Shhhh...don't tell anyone.
You see, I was not looking forward to turning thirty, in fact that is an understatement. I was TERRIFIED of turning thirty.  I felt that it was a dirty word.  How could I be turning thirty already?  Where had my twenties gone?  Wait, I am not ready to leave them behind.  I was really holding on tight.
I don't think this is uncommon for most women, hell I am sure men even feel this way as well.  People always make such a big deal about it, ohhh you are getting older.  I do the same thing and I bought in to it hook, line and sinker.  I felt like there were things that I did not accomplish in my twenties that I wanted to accomplish before I turned thirty.  We set goals for ourselves when we are younger, little milestones or big milestones that we want to pass.  It is great to set goals but what I have realized is that it is silly to be upset if it does not happen when we want it to.  Who cares if I am not making as much money as I wanted to? Or if I am not as far as long in my career as I wanted to be?  Or whatever other goals that we might set for ourselves.  How old were we when we set these goals?  Were they realistic?  Some might have been but most probably were not. So these were the things that I was thinking about as I started heading up hill, chugging faster and faster towards thirty.
Then there were multiple things that happend and it dawned on me that my thirties might just be awesome.  
1. Towards the end of the summer I crossed an item off of my bucket list and bought myself a Mustang, a bright red one, with encouragement from the Husband. (Still 29)
2. The Husband moved in to the power delivery side of the business that he works in and was really excited and happy about it.  He started loving his job! (Still 29)
3. I was offered a job back in HR at the company that I work at, since we are living closer to the corporate office again. This is something that I had been thinking about and really wanted. (3 weeks before turning 30)
4. The husband surprised me with a trip to Vegas with some of our friends.  Best husband ever!  We celebrated my dirty thirty in style! ( 2 weeks before turning 30)
(Celebrating my dirty thirty Vegas style!)
5. Drum roll please...we made an offer on a house two days before my birthday and on my birthday, after we had countered, they accepted our offer!!!!!
Okay, so maybe many of the things happened when I was 29 but they were all leading up to turning thirty and they all helped me to accept the inevitable.  
So ladies and gentleman if you are getting ready to turn thirty embrace it!  If you are getting ready to turn forty then sorry about your luck, just kidding!  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Offer - Counter - Counter...

Okay, so we found a house on Sunday that we really like.  I mean REALLY like.  It checks a lot of our boxes.  It is on a cul-de-sac, no houses behind it, it has a two car garage with a bump out, a mud room, a den, a loft, a garden tub in the master bath and a double sink, laundry room is upstairs, the list goes on and on.  So we decided to make an offer on it, scary and exciting at the same time.

Problem...Of course nothing is ever easy, especially when buying a house.  So what is the problem?  We looked at the comps.  Uh you see where I am going with this?  Their list price is way over what it comps out to be.  We figure we will go in with an offer anyways and see where we will get.  If we don't try then we will never know.

First offer was made on Sunday night and sent off to their Realtor.  They had until Tuesday at noon to respond.  We hear nothing back by Monday night.  Come Tuesday morning I am assuming that they have decided not to respond to our offer.  Lo and behold at 11:00 a.m. our Realtor has an offer for us.  They countered!  Woo hoo, we have some movement.  They went down by $5,000.00, we still have a ways to go but I am excited.

The Husband and I discuss and we decide to counter back, we move up $4,000.00.  We sign the offer and send back to our Realtor.  He says that he will send it in the early afternoon, they have until Friday at 9:00 a.m. to respond, so the waiting begins.

Our Realtor responds today, he has sent the offer in and their Realtor has received it.

The Problem:  The seller's Realtor is having a hard time convincing them that their house is not worth what they have listed it for.  Our Realtor responds and tries to explain.  Comps are e-mailed and appraisals explained.  Not that this Realtor does not know what they are doing but to present to their client.

You see, which many of you may know, if the house is not appraised for what the accepted offer is, then you have a HUGE problem.  #1. The bank will not approve your loan and #2. You are not out the money you spent on inspections and an appraisal.  Who wants to lose this kind of money?  Certainly not me!

So now we sit and wait...and wait some more...

As much as I love the house, I realize that it just might not happen.  That is okay because I know that when the time is right, we will find that perfect house for us.

So keep blogging and adventuring my friends and I will keep you updated on the status of our house hunt.

Until next time!