Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Day at the Indiana State Fair

Have you attended a State Fair Before?  Why did/do you go?

My top four reasons for going this year:

1. Seeing my little cousin show her Alpaca. (Not going to lie I want one)
2. The exercise you get walking around. (remember I am on a mission to lose weight)
3. Getting a funnel cake (not a part of #2)
4. Getting out and doing something fun

The Husband’s top four reasons for going this year:

1. Food
2. Food
3. Food
4. Food

Yeah, he gets a little expensive at the fair.  At least it is only once a year.

Overall I had a great time and I was definitely worn out by the end of the day.  Making a mental note to myself here that we will go back during the day on a week day again.  Lines are not as long and there are a lot less people there.  You are not competing to see things with people and can move along at leisure.  Plus you get a sweet parking spot.  We literally walked right in.
If you plan on attending the State Fair in Indiana there are some discounted days that you can check out, just be aware that there will be a lot of people on those days.  If you decide to go on a day that is not discounted you can still buy discounted tickets for $7.00 at CVS.  Just remember you will still also need to pay $5.00 for parking.

So if you are looking for something to do, then go and check out a state fair this summer!
Stay tuned for my future adventures.  I see painting pottery, a trip to Bloomington and a trip to Las Vegas in my future.  What kind of adventures are in your future?

Getting Back To Life & Adventures

It is time to stop feeling sorry for myself and over thinking what it is that I want to do with my life.  I need to stop being afraid of life and start living it again.  I took time off of work so that I could relax, get things together around the house and lose weight.  Not to sit here and worry about life and money.  And man do I worry.  I worry about everything and cannot let myself just enjoy this time.
So it ends here with this blog.  I am putting everything on the shelf and I will focus on the reason that I took time off for.  It is time to stop wallowing in self-pity and insecurities.

What am I putting on the shelf?

1. Money worries
2. Worrying about losing weight
3. Worrying about the future.
4.  Basically anything that I worry about

It is all on the shelf now.  I will take things down as I need to deal with them, if there are any issues.  For now I am packing everything away and putting it in storage.  NO MORE WORRIES!

Going forward we are going to get back to adventures, in and outside of Indiana.  

So stay tuned and thanks for helping me to put things back on the shelf!