Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Date Night With The Husband

I really do have a husband...although he has only been referenced in my blogs lately and they have not focused on the things that we have done together.  I guess Life Adventures in Indiana has mainly been focused on my adventures as of late and not our adventures. However, in my defense he has been working a lot of overtime, so we have been like two ships passing in the night.  Like I how I passed the blame on to the Husband?

I decided to do something about this!  The perfect opportunity presented itself and there would be no overtime on Monday night, only husband and wife time.  No excuses, no ifs, ands or buts!  You might be asking what did I do?  Well I scheduled a date night and made a reservation, destination Sullivan's Steakhouse in Indianapolis.  If you are familiar with this restaurant then you might be thinking to your self, oh what a big spender, what is the special occasion.  I was not a total big spender and there was no special occasion, except for wanting to get dressed up and spend quality time with the Husband.

I will let you in on my little secret.  Check it out http://www.northsidenightsindy.com/   Multiple restaurants are participating in this and it is $30.00 per person for three courses! See, I can be pretty smart. ;)  Of course be prepared for your total to be over $60.00, there is the cost of drinks, any additional items you might order and of course the tip.  Still we spent only a little over $100.00 for a meal, for the both of us, that typically would run around $200.00 or more.

The money was well spent as the Husband had never been there before and apparently, according to him he liked their FB page a couple of years ago, when I was talking about how I had been there a few times and about how much I loved it.  So he can now cross that off of his food bucket list.

Seriously the Husband cracks me up.  While we were finishing our meal I told him that he is spoiled, that I never should have introduced him to fine dining in the past.  He looked at me and said "No I am not, I need culture."  He realized his mistake right after he said that, I looked at him and repeated what he said, "You need culture? So you would like to attend an opera, the ballet..."  Before I could finish he said "Food culture".  Yes, folks that is the Husband, everything is about food with him.  You take him to a Broadway show and he does not appreciate it but you take him to a steak place where the bill is over $200.00 and he calls it culture.

So my fellow adventurers take the time to spend with your significant other whenever you get a chance, especially if you are becoming two ships passing in the night.  Splurge a little on a nice night out together where you can get dressed up and feel sexy!

Until next time...when my blog will probably revert to being about me because let's be honest life really is about me.  Right???

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