Monday, March 11, 2013

Booty Camp Kicked My Booty

Whose idea was it to lose weight and get in shape?  Surely it was not me who wanted to put myself through this torture.  Can I blame it on my BFF or the Husband?  Or does the blame solely lie with me?

I could blame it on that Stripper 101 class in Las Vegas, which was my BFF's idea.  After that class we felt invigorated; we thought to ourselves we've got this and we will partner up to lose weight together.  Dancing on a pole is fun and whew, what a workout!

Yep, I think it all started with that class.  So when a Groupon came up for a place called Poll -Up ($49.00 for ten different group classes) we purchased it.  Now, here is where I blame the Husband, he is the one who physically purchased the classes on Groupon for us.  What husband doesn't want his wife to learn how to dance on a pole and give lap dances?

Las Vegas - 2013

So the Groupons were purchased and we were ready to get our booties in shape!  I guess at this point it did not really matter whose idea it was.  

Here is where the "Booty Camp kicked my booty" portion comes in.  The class we took on Saturday was called Booty Camp.  I think we did over 100 squats and multiple other things.  For the next two days I had to use the handicap bar in the ladies room at work just to get off of the toilet.  When I tried to get up from the couch I needed the Husband's help.  At one point in time he just sat there laughing at me and would not help me get up.  He said that I needed one of those recliners that lift you out of the chair.  He will be punished for this. 

So I really just want to do what the photo above says.  Why can't it be as easy as that?  Why must I torture myself?  So after all of this we decided that we will do it again and try out some of the other classes as well.  Man, that handicap rail in the ladies room at work is sure going to get a workout!

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