Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feeling Very Relaxed

Your body is a temple and you should treat it right.  Unfortunately I do not always do this.  I do not always eat healthy and do not exercise like I should.  However, when it comes to de-stressing and relaxing I know how to treat myself.

While living in Southern Indiana I found a Spa, CC Spa, which I miss very much.  It was just across the street from where we lived and I was a VIP member, which meant I received 50% off of services.  Because of this I usually would go and get a massage every other week and occasionally would throw in some other services as well.  I learned that massages really relaxed me and I also felt and still do feel that it has helped to increase my platelet levels.

The relationship with your therapist is very personal, they come to know you and your body.  They know where you knot up the most and what needs to be worked on.  So when you move away it is one of those things, like finding a doctor (on my list of things to do), a new hairstylist,ect. that is hard to do.

Yesterday my back and neck was killing me.  I tried treating it with Tylenol and heat, it helped some but by the morning and this afternoon I was in so much pain.  I knew that I needed a massage and I needed one stat.  However, I was not sure who to call or where to go and I had not seen any Groupons, ect. that interested me.  Plus I did not really want to part with $65 - $75 plus tip to get a massage.  You know me, I like my deals and I had become accustomed to paying much less.

I could not ignore the pain, so I hopped on the internet to try to locate somewhere that I could go.  I found Lumiere du corps Resort in Lebanon, IN.  I called and explained my situation and they were able to fit me in.   I was so relieved.

Meanwhile, my mom was like, you need to find a doctor too, remember I have that whole platelet issue.  Relaxation first!  In my defense I did try to call a doctor today to try to schedule an appointment in the near future but they were closed.

So off to the spa I went tonight, to be pampered and to heal this terrible pain.  They were super friendly there and give you a complimentary foot soak when you arrive.  Then it was time for my massage. was very relaxing and afterwards I could actually move.  I felt so much better.  At the end of it she recommended that I come back soon.  You think?  Poor lady had a lot of work to do on my back and all of the kinks are still not out, not her fault.  She did a very good job and I enjoyed it but I do miss my old massage therapist.

I did schedule another appointment because if I scheduled one I could receive a 90 minute massage for the price of the 60 minute massage.  So of course I had to schedule one!

I am not sure how often I will go in the future or if that is where I will end up going but for now I am one happy and relaxed lady.

So I will continue to watch for Groupons, ect. for massages and will remember to de-stress more often not necessarily with a massage but just by relaxing.

Always remember it is good to treat your body right and if you can treat yourself to a massage, facial, manicure or whatever relaxes you then do it.

Until next time try to relax and enjoy life and some adventures!

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