Monday, June 11, 2012

Worse Hotel Ever!!!

Traveler beware.  Do not, I repeat do not ever book a room at the Holiday Inn in Clarksville, IN.  I would have to say this is by far the worst hotel I have ever checked in to and by checked in I mean, we checked out right away.

I guess I should start at the beginning.  The Husband's birthday is coming up soon and he decided that for his birthday gift this year he would like to attend the KYSCCA Autocross Driving School in Louisville.  The cost would also include the entry fee for the autocross event the next day. So I thought to myself, well why not make a weekend out of it.  So I contacted my BF, I Miss Your Face, to see what her plans were for that weekend.  I Miss Your Face was available so I decided to search and book a hotel room.  I scored the rates, ect. to see what our best option would be and wouldn't you know, there was a point break for the Holiday Inn in Clarksville, IN.  This meant it was only going to cost me 10,000 points for two nights.  I was super excited and quickly booked a room for two nights.  BIG MISTAKE!

So off we went on the Husband's birthday adventure.  We arrived there probably a little after 10:00 p.m., he ran in to check in and then we darted over to Chuy's for dinner before they closed.  When we got back I stopped in the lobby to see if we could get a tube of toothpaste, since I did not bring any.  Now keep in mind we had not seen our hotel room.  As I am standing in line, in the lobby, I am trying really hard not to stare at the two ladies in front of me, that are checking in.  It was really hard not to stare, I am 98% positive that they were hookers, prostitutes, working girls, what ever you want to call them.  I was beginning to wonder what I had gotten us in to.  However, I just rolled with it, I mean I guess working girls have to stay somewhere too.  So I got our toothpaste, hopped back in our car and we drove around to the back of the hotel.   Gulp, it looked really run down, the lighting was terrible and I am not going to lie it was a bit scary.  I thought to myself, appearances can be deceiving, everything will be just fine.  Finally, we have made it to our room, we our both so tired, all we want to do is fall asleep, especially since the husband was going to have to be at the driving school at 8:00 a.m. the next morning.  We walk in and there is this overpowering flowery perfume smell, you can't breathe...These type of scents really effect my asthma and it was so strong that it was even bothering the Husband.  So he called down to the front desk, they said they would check to see if there was another room available and would call us right back.  Five minutes goes by...then ten minutes...finally they called back.  They only had one more room available, it was a handicap accessible room, so it would not have a tub.  Whatever, no problem, we will take it, maybe we will be able to finally breathe.  They told him that someone would be up to bring us our new room keys shortly.  Five minutes...ten minutes...fifteen minutes...come on, how long does it take to bring us a new room key.  They call and say that someone is on their way now with the key.  Finally it arrives, we grab our stuff and head to the new room.  Ewwww...this one smells like mildew, musty and a strong minty smell (like they were trying to cover something up.  The Husband says he wants to leave, I say let's deal with it tomorrow.  Then I look at the bed...gross!!!!  We will not discuss what type of stains are on the blanket but let's just say not the type of stains you want to see.  That is it we are leaving.  We grabbed our stuff, hopped in the car, pull around to the lobby and the Husband calls Priority Club.  He had to explain the issue to two people, they wanted us to check out and call back.  He refuses and says that he will check out while on the phone with them.  We check out, the points are refunded and they have found us the last hotel room at Candlewood Suites, in Clarksville, IN.  The hitch is, I now have to use 30,000 points <sigh> and someone else wants the room but if we can get there in 20 min.  it is ours.  I get on the phone with the woman to confirm we want to reserve the room, of course her accent is strong (really it is after midnight, I am exhausted and I have to deal with this), I am having a hard time understanding her but I get the gist that the 30,000 points have been used to reserve the room but if we don't arrive by 12:45 a.m. we will lose it, since someone else wants it.  SERIOUSLY???!!!???  We arrive in time and the front desk clerk was so nice and understanding.  Apparently this is a common issue that they have, with individuals flocking from that Holiday Inn.  We get checked in and in to our room.  Of course the only one available was a handicap access room with a queen bed, so no bathtub for me and no king bed but at least we had a room and it was clean and wonderful. So I highly recommend this hotel to anyone who will be in the area, Candlewood Suites that is, not Holiday Inn in Clarksville.

The rest of the weekend was wonderful!  The Husband enjoyed his lesson on Saturday and took 2nd place in his class in the autocross race on Sunday.  I got to see I Miss Your Face on Saturday and Sunday, which was great because I missed her face.  Then on the way home we stopped at Edinburgh outlets and went shopping.  So over all the weekend was great, except for the scary hotel.

So that was our adventure for the weekend.  I think I am done with hotel adventures for awhile or at least bad hotel adventures.

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