Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of you fathers out there!  I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend or day with your family.

We actually celebrated Father's Day on Saturday.  My dad is retired now so he works at a gold course.  I know many people are jealous but not me.  Anyways, since golf is obviously a popular way to spend Father's Day he was going to be working today so we opted to celebrate on Saturday.

We were hounding him for a couple of weeks leading up to Father's Day to see what he wanted to do.  He finally came up with a list and brought it with him to the baseball game on Tuesday.  I was very impressed with some of the items he had on his list.  Just to name a few he had canoeing, zip lining, segway tour, Wright Patterson Air Force museum (Dayton, OH), Men In Black III in 3-D, dinner at Mississippi Belle, ect. and of course golf (not impressed with this).  I was impressed because usually we go mini golfing or bowling and then cook out.  The Husband's vote was for the museum, mom thought this sounded like a good idea as well and I said whatever made dad happy, I would be good with.  So it sounded like we were going to the museum.

Then towards the end of the week Dad decided that the museum would probably be to busy.  The Husband was crushed but Dad said he would take him sometime this fall.  Mom figured since it was supposed to be so hot out and she did not want to spend the day out in the heat, that he would choose the movie and dinner.  She was wrong.  Drum roll please...he chose golf and dinner at Mississippi Belle (Soul food).  <Shaking my head.>  I had been so impressed but golf .  Really?  Come on Dad you golf almost everyday and work at the golf course, you have this awesome list and you choose golfing?  Not to mention the fact that I do not golf, I have no interest in the sport.  Dad tried to get me interested, I even took lessons in high school.  Sadly I was a disappointment and just never took to the game.

So like a good daughter I sucked it up and went to the golf course with them.  However, I was told I could just ride in the golf cart and watch.  Yay!  At least they were only playing at a nine hole, three par course, not the course my Dad works at.  Thankfully I had gotten a library card the day before and had checked out some books (remember we just moved.)  So off we went in the carts, on an extremely hot day.

Now I said I would suck it up but I did not say that I would behave entirely.  I of course had to make some comments throughout the game.  I mean come on, I had to entertain myself somehow.  Needless to say I think they learned a lesson and I will be left at home next time <evil laugh.>

Now what I failed to mention was that during the golf game the Husband's pants split in the front.  Hilarious by the way and not towards the end of the game but on hole #3.  We definitely had some good laughs at his expense.  Since we were going out to dinner after this we had to stop at Kohl's to buy him a new pair of pants, meanwhile he had duct taped the old ones.  He was very expensive that day, new pants and new shoes (tires) for Zippy.

Well the Husband was finally dressed and ready to go to dinner so we headed out to Mississippi Belle a restaurant in Indianapolis that serves Soul food.  I was in love, I was in grease and butter heaven.  Man was this some of the best food I have ever had.  I could hear my arteries choking.  The Husband announced that he wanted to come back for his birthday (in July), although today he mentioned that he wanted to go to Fast Times go karting, so who knows.  As if we had not had enough to eat on the way back to my parent's house we stopped at Handel's to get some ice cream.  By the time we arrived back to their house I think we were all pretty much in a food coma so we decided to stay the night.

On Father's Day, since Dad was working, Mom had decided that she would come over to our place to hang out and help with a little more unpacking.  No we are still not finished unpacking everything, it is a process.  The original plan was for her to drive out and follow us but then we decided she could just ride with me and Dad could come and get her later.  This way we could grill out and they could eat here.  So we did end up spending a little bit of time with Dad today.  We and by we I mean the Husband grilled out some very delicious steaks, while Mom and I got the sides ready and Dad watched golf.  I am beginning to think he needs to go to a golfer's anonymous group.

So I think my Dad had a great weekend and the Husband and I enjoyed ourselves as well.  I just want to know when it will be my turn to do something that I want to do.  Maybe next weekend, oh crap, that might not happen either since I think the air show is that weekend and I know the Husband would love to go. I will just say this, when it is my turn they will all pay!!!

Happy Father's Day!  Until next time keep on adventuring!

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  1. Already unpacked? We moved nearly three months ago, and we're still not unpacked either!


    I Miss Your Face

    P.S. I miss your face!!