Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Saturday Classes: Week Four and Five

Okay, so I am playing a bit of catch up here and have fallen behind on blogging about how I keep busy while my husband is attending his Saturday classes.  So I have combined week four and five in one post.

Week Four:

I had every intention of waking up early getting out of bed and getting some things done around the house.  You know how that goes.  I was even up by 8:30 a.m., thanks to my mother who called. Mom:  "Oh I thought you would have been awake already." Me:  "No, I decided to sleep in today."  Mom:  "Oops!"  Am I in high school again, where my mom is always trying to get me up on the weekends?  In her defense, I am usually up and moving by this time.  I digress.

Like I said, I did have every intention of making it a productive Saturday.  However, after laying in bed playing a game on my phone, I felt sleep calling my name.  So back to sleep I went.  I actually did not end up waking up until around 1:30 p.m.  Wow, I have not done that in awhile!

After waking up and trying to rush around and get ready, which included shaving my legs.  Yes, I just mentioned this, keep reading. It was time to leave for my massage (do you see now why I had to shave my legs?)  So off I went to some electrolysis /permanent makeup place, that does massages as well.  I was a little skeptical but who can resist a deal for a 90 minute hot stone massage for $49.00, typically a $120.00 value there.  Certainly not me!  In fact I had never had a hot stone massage so I was eager to try it out.  People supposedly either love it or hate it.

I arrive for my appointment and the massage therapist was waiting downstairs for me.  It is in a small office building so apparently the doors are locked on the weekends.  Kind of odd but onward we went. I go in to this small little suite and there is another woman in there with her husband, filling out a bunch of forms.  I finish with my forms and she said "You must be able to see better then me."  I respond with, "I think my forms were shorter than yours, I am here to get a massage."  Turns out she was there to have permanent makeup tattooed on her face.  Who does that?  It kind of, no it really CREEPS me out.

Okay, forms are filled out and it is time for my massage. Turns out it is a dude that is going to be doing my massage, now there is nothing wrong with men massage therapists but as a woman I am much more comfortable with a woman doing my massage.  It is just how I feel but I sucked it up and put my big girl panties on, who really cares about the gender of the masseuse as long as it is relaxing and enjoyable.

Ohhhh sweet relaxation....or not.  The massage starts and the therapist starts talking some, I don't mind a little talk but he starts talking A LOT.  He starts talking about how he does not really like giving hot stone massages, how he is a therapist and has his own business as well.  Then he starts talking about dating and how he always has to ask how they feel about him giving massages to women, are they jealous type?  Okay, this is a little weird.  He goes on to talk about how he wants to make sure that they know that it is an intimate thing, don't think this is the word he was looking for, he then changes it and how they have to be comfortable with what he does.  Makes sense but, dude I am laying here half naked on your table, could you not use the word intimate, it weirds me out a bit.  Apparently he brings this up during speed dating.  Now, he did not talk the whole time and I did get to enjoy some silence.  He actually did a pretty good job and was able to get a lot of the kinks out of my upper back, they were bad!

As far as a hot stone massage goes, it felt fine but it is not something that I would pay more for.  In the future I will just stick to my standard massages.  Also, I will probably not go back there again, he did a good job but they are farther away from where I live and their prices are higher, plus I like my regular massage therapist better.  I did tell my mom that when she schedules hers she should use him, she had been there before with another deal and had some one she did not enjoy.  I had purchased this one for her so she needs to use it and I think she will enjoy his massage more, just not the talking portion.

Once the massage was done I met up with a friend, her husband and two little girls for dinner at O'Charley's.  We had a great time, the little ones always make me laugh.  Heck, so does she and her husband.

So, that concludes week four.

Week Five:

So we arrive at week five, which was this past Saturday.  We are over 1/2 way there!  I woke up at about 7:30 a.m. and started to call my husband.  I hear his phone ringing.  Oh crap, did he leave his phone at home?  Nope, apparently his tire had gone flat, so he decided to skip class for the day.  Remember he has a two hour drive, so by the time he would have gotten it taken care of and on the road, it just would not have been worth it.

Yay!  I get to spend the day with the Husband.  Hmmm....how can I fit him in to my Saturday plans?  I know...I will convince him to take me out to breakfast to get some pancakes.  Success!  He agrees to take me out to breakfast.

Next on my schedule for the day is a deep conditioning treatment and haircut.  Yep, you've got it, I bought another deal.  This one was off of LivingSocial.  $24.00 for a conditioning treatment and haircut.  Can't beat that price!

It has been so long since I have had my hair done.  The last time was before we moved.  Now if you know me, then you know that I have SUPER thick hair and that it grows out and not down.  My hair was badly in need of a cut, it was quite embarrassing.  So the Husband dropped me off at the hair place while he went off to explore.  Ahhh...so much better!  My hair felt lighter and looked great!  Props to the hairstylist and the salon   I have scheduled an appointment to return the end of December for another trim and for highlights. You have won my business for now.  See deal sites can help you attract customers!  Keep the deals coming people.

After that I looked at the Husband and informed him I was hungry and I knew just where I wanted to go. Destination: On The Border.  Boy, do I love their chips and salsa.

After lunch it was time for the Husband to get his hair cut.  He had sprouted wings and looked like he was about ready to fly away.  Yes, I believe that there was some squawking involved. Okay, maybe it was me doing the squawking.

The Husband goes to this place called Sports Clips.  They have TVs that they can watch, in front of each station while they are getting their hair done.  Sports of course but none the less a neat concept.  Then I learned something about the Husband, not only does he get his haircut while he is there but he also upgrades to get his hair washed, with the steam towel over his face and finishes off with a short neck massage.  No wonder his haircut bills have been more expensive!  His secret has been discovered.

So that was Saturday number five, only this one included the Husband.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wine and Canvas

She had me at wine.  Wait....what is this canvas thing?  You want me to paint on that?  Actually, you want me to paint at all?  I have never painted on canvas before or really painted at all.  Unless you can count painting by number, which I did as a child.

So what am I talking about?  My friend and I were planning a night out without our husbands and her kids and she suggested Wine and Canvas.  She had been before and said she had a great time.  She assured me that anyone could do it because they walk you through it.  Now, if you have met me then you know I am not at all crafty or artistic.  I wish that I was...I wish really hard sometimes but unfortunately I am not and never have been.

I was willing to give it a try.  I knew that I could will myself to be artistic.  I put my big girl panties on, took a big gulp of wine and started to paint.  The time flew by and before you know it I had a picture that resembled the photo below.

I did it, I actually painted something that looked somewhat decent and on canvas to boot!  I was so excited. Apparently when I told my friend I could not paint she did not know that I had NEVER painted before.  She was impressed at how well I did for my first time, or so she said.  Maybe she was just being nice.  Either way I am making my husband hang it up in our hallway.

So if you are interested in trying this then check out www.wineandcanvas.com.  They have multiple locations, not just in Indiana but across the U.S.  I plan on going back and making my husband go to do the couples session.

For now I will dream of one day becoming a world famous artist.  Hey, I did say dream!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Saturday Classes: Week Three

Well we made it through week three of Saturday classes.  The Husband's class that is.  Actually his class ended up going about an hour later this Saturday and remember his class is about 2 1/2 hrs. away.

Don't fret though I had plenty to do this Saturday and my parents took it upon themselves to entertain me.  Hey it is like I am not even married and I am living with them again.  I know how much they miss me (typed with sarcasm.)

I actually spent the night at my parent's house Friday night, see I am slowly moving back in.  Shhhh don't tell them, they might move.  Okay, I am not really moving back in.  My grandma had an MRI scheduled for 7:00 p.m. Friday night so I met my mom at my grandmas and went with them to her appointment.  Then they didn't get her back until about 7:40 p.m. to do the actual MRI and then it was another 1/2 hr. or so for them to do the MRI.  So by the time we got my grandma back to her place and settled in it was a little after 9:00 p.m.  and since I was hungry and kind of cranky my mom went with me to Outback so that I could get a salad to eat.  Being the nice daughter that I am I even bought her an appetizer.  By that point in time I was tired and since I had already planned on going to their house the following day I figured it would just make more sense to stay there the night.

Then on Saturday morning my mom decided she wanted to go for early voting, just in case my grandma has to have surgery on Tuesday.  So she asks me if I want to go with her, after I heard my dad talking about how they said you could be standing in line to vote for two hours.  No thank you!  If I was going to stand in line for two hours then I might as well go ahead and do early voting where I live.  Did I mention that I was a good daughter?  I ended up changing my mind and went with her.  At least it was only 1 1/2 hrs...Like that is so much better.  Don't worry she rewarded me with a trip to Dunkin Doughnuts afterwards.

Later we went to lunch with my dad.  While we were at lunch he mentioned it was a good thing that I went with my mom this morning.  Apparently after I told her no when she asked if I wanted to go with her she started complaining to my dad.  Mentioned something about how if I had asked she would have gone with me.  REALLY??????  Didn't I go and help you last night?  Then she mentioned how after I was cranky and hungry and how SHE went with me to get something to eat.  Score one for mom.

After lunch we went to a flooring store with my parents, since they are in the process of getting ready to redo  their bathrooms, flooring, ect. in their house.  I mean I need to be involved in this process since I will one day inherit their home.  I was introduced as tag-along.  Nice!  Here is our late twenty something daughter who had nothing better to do today.  Oh well.  I don't think they are going to go with my choices either.

When we were done I really wanted to go to McNamara and look at their holiday stuff.  Their stuff is awesome but super expensive.  Who pays $170.00 for a wreath???  I really do want one but wanting and buying are two very different matters.  None the less I still love to go in there and look at everything. I will wait till after Christmas when everything goes on clearance.

Look what I did end up purchasing and it lights up!  I think we embarrassed my dad, especially since my mom ended up buying one and plans on wearing it to work on black Friday.  hers has snowmen on it though.

So that was pretty much my day!  I also ended up dozing off at my parent's house and then my mom and I went to dinner.

Overall I was kept pretty entertained!  

I may be almost 30 but I do enjoy spending time with my parents.  They really do crack me up!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Conversations In The Husband's Head

Do any of you ever have your husband tell you that he told you something and you swear he never said anything about it?  I swear my husband does this, he says he has told me something and I know that he does not.  Then he accuses me of not listening.  I think to myself am I going crazy?

Case in point, we had recently had a conversation that he needed to go and attend one of his union meetings.  He did not specify when he was going, just that he needed to attend one.  Yesterday afternoon we were on the phone and I said something along the lines of I could not find my glasses and since I could not see I needed him to help me find them when he got home.  He laughed and said "oh that might be a problem since I will not be home until late."  Huh?  "Yeah, I am going to the my union meeting."  I think to myself, nice I wish I had known this so that I could have made plans or something.  Not that there are not some things, okay a LOT of things that I need to do around the house but I could have gone to my parents for dinner or out with a friend.

He goes on to say that he told me he was going to go.  Nu-uh, he did not tell me.  I know I am NOT going crazy.  Our conversation only consisted of he needed to attend a meeting sometime, not that he was going to this meeting.

Oh well, at least I did not have anything planned for dinner and I did manage to find a friend to go to dinner with.  Luckily I was able to send Turtle a text message to see if she had plans for the night. I was lucky that she did not.  My friend Turtle is a life saver!

So do you ever feel this way?  Does your husband or boyfriend swear up and down that they told you something?  I know that I am not the only one that this happens to.

Just another day in a typical Midwest marriage. :-)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adult Only Weekend

So a couple of weekends ago the Husband and I took a weekend trip to Cincinnati and we were joined by some good friends of ours.  This weekend was for adults only or was it?  There were times where I think we acted like teenagers or like we were in our early twenties but it was all in good fun.  For example the Husband attacked my friend with play dinosaurs, then there was the cave where we tried to lose our husbands.

In all seriousness though we had a great time.  This was our first trip that we took with another couple, not including my parents.  Although, I think I was called a funpire at one point in time during the trip, don't worry it was in jest.

It was nice to get away with another couple our age, with no worries and to be able to just relax and have a good time. We would definitely go away with them again!

Cincinnati is such a wonderful city and there is so much to do there.  We took our first trip to an IKEA store (the Husband enjoyed the carts, he thought that he was supposed to drift with them),  visited Jungle Jim's (this store is on steroids or something) and went to some of the museums.

All in all it was a great weekend!  If your looking for a great weekend get away then I suggest visiting Cincinnati.  There is so much to do there, I know the Husband and I will return sometime in the future!