Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wine and Canvas

She had me at wine.  Wait....what is this canvas thing?  You want me to paint on that?  Actually, you want me to paint at all?  I have never painted on canvas before or really painted at all.  Unless you can count painting by number, which I did as a child.

So what am I talking about?  My friend and I were planning a night out without our husbands and her kids and she suggested Wine and Canvas.  She had been before and said she had a great time.  She assured me that anyone could do it because they walk you through it.  Now, if you have met me then you know I am not at all crafty or artistic.  I wish that I was...I wish really hard sometimes but unfortunately I am not and never have been.

I was willing to give it a try.  I knew that I could will myself to be artistic.  I put my big girl panties on, took a big gulp of wine and started to paint.  The time flew by and before you know it I had a picture that resembled the photo below.

I did it, I actually painted something that looked somewhat decent and on canvas to boot!  I was so excited. Apparently when I told my friend I could not paint she did not know that I had NEVER painted before.  She was impressed at how well I did for my first time, or so she said.  Maybe she was just being nice.  Either way I am making my husband hang it up in our hallway.

So if you are interested in trying this then check out  They have multiple locations, not just in Indiana but across the U.S.  I plan on going back and making my husband go to do the couples session.

For now I will dream of one day becoming a world famous artist.  Hey, I did say dream!

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