Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Accidental Housewife

I think I will start referring to myself as the Accidental Housewife.  Why not, that is what I am right?  I still struggle with how I got here.  How did I go from being an HR Manager and just passing my PHR this year to deciding to stay at home.  I never in a million years would have thought that this would have been a decision that I would make.  I was on a career track to move up in the HR world.  At least that is what I thought that I wanted.  Although, I am not giving up that dream completely, just putting it on the shelf for now.

There were a variety of reasons that led to this decision, lack of support, lack of leadership, lack of staff, working way to many hours, stress causing a medical issue and spending less time with family.  It got to the point where I dreaded going to work. When it came down to it I needed to make a decision.  What was more important? Ultimately my health and family won out.

I still struggle a bit with this decision.  Not because my health and family are not important but because I am ashamed to admit, I am a bit materialistic. I am not going to lie, I will miss the extra income.

I also struggle with what the future holds, will I go back to work eventually?  I know though that I need to focus on living in the now.

I ask myself who am I?  I defined myself by my career for so long and now that I will no longer be working I am at a loss of who I am .  What is my passion?  What will I do with my life now?

I started trying to find things to do right away but the Husband reminded me that I just needed to be and he was right.  I need to take this time to discover who I am.  I am lucky to have this opportunity, there are many who do not have this luxury.  I should appreciate it and take the time to do new things and have new adventures.

So many thoughts and ideas have run through my head, do I want to go back in to politics, do I want to be a foster parent, should we start a family, maybe I would like substitute teaching.  All of these are items and ideas that I have come up with.  Decisions will not be made right away.  For now I will focus on transitioning from being a career woman to staying at home.

My first order of business is to transition my responsibilities at work to other individuals and to get my butt back in to gear with my workout programs.  I have already singed up for some workout classes.

Until next time!  Keep on adventuring.