Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making New Friends Is Like Dating

Am I the only one that thinks making new friends is like dating?  I thought once I got married I would be past all of that but I guess I was wrong.

I have had this discussion with others who have moved as well and they agree.  How do you meet people?  Where do you meet people?  How do you make friends that you have things in common with?  It is not as easy as it used to be, when I was in school and college. Then once you are working you have your set of friends and may make some new ones as you go along but when you move it is like starting all over again.  Of course you still keep in touch with your old friends but you can not call them up to go to dinner or a movie spur of the moment.  I mean who wants to drive two + hours at the spur of the moment to meet up for dinner? Not to mention the fact that I work in a very small office, so it is not like you can meet that many people at work.  There is no one in our apartment building that we are currently friends with, not that they are bad people, most are friendly, just not really anyone that we currently have anything in common with.  For a little bit I did have a friend that lived in the apartment across from us (not that she is not my friend anymore) but she moved away and now lives a little over an hour away.  I really do miss spending time with her and hanging out, it was wonderful having a girlfriend that lived 3 feet away.

This is the situation that my husband and I are in since we moved about two years ago.  Now my husband is not as social as I am and as long as he has me to go out with and maybe another guy once in awhile, he is good.  Me on the other hand I need girl time!  I love my husband very much but sometimes I just want to get out with the girls and do girl things.

Now, I am not totally alone and do not sit around feeling sorry for myself.  This is not a pity blog.  I am very lucky that my cousin, his wife and their three little girls live around us.  Without them I would really not know anyone.  My husband and I enjoy spending time with all of them.  I am so thankful that we do have someone in the area to go out with from time to time or just hang out with.  When we get together we all have a good time.  There are also nights when my husband has class and my cousin is working, that his wife, little girls and I will go out and have some girl time.

We also now attend the church that my cousin is an Associate Minister at and are trying to get more involved there.  Once a month there is a ladies Bible study/book group.  I am so thankful for this!!!!  For three hours, once a month, I get to enjoy spending time/fellowship with some wonderful women.  But, this is just three hours a month.  Is it bad to want more?

So how do you meet people?  I figure that I am not the only one in this situation, actually I know that I am not.  Seriously though, I firmly believe that making new friends is like dating.

So let the dating begin!

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