Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thirty May Look Good On Me

My thirties may look good on me.  Did I really just type that?  Shhhh...don't tell anyone.
You see, I was not looking forward to turning thirty, in fact that is an understatement. I was TERRIFIED of turning thirty.  I felt that it was a dirty word.  How could I be turning thirty already?  Where had my twenties gone?  Wait, I am not ready to leave them behind.  I was really holding on tight.
I don't think this is uncommon for most women, hell I am sure men even feel this way as well.  People always make such a big deal about it, ohhh you are getting older.  I do the same thing and I bought in to it hook, line and sinker.  I felt like there were things that I did not accomplish in my twenties that I wanted to accomplish before I turned thirty.  We set goals for ourselves when we are younger, little milestones or big milestones that we want to pass.  It is great to set goals but what I have realized is that it is silly to be upset if it does not happen when we want it to.  Who cares if I am not making as much money as I wanted to? Or if I am not as far as long in my career as I wanted to be?  Or whatever other goals that we might set for ourselves.  How old were we when we set these goals?  Were they realistic?  Some might have been but most probably were not. So these were the things that I was thinking about as I started heading up hill, chugging faster and faster towards thirty.
Then there were multiple things that happend and it dawned on me that my thirties might just be awesome.  
1. Towards the end of the summer I crossed an item off of my bucket list and bought myself a Mustang, a bright red one, with encouragement from the Husband. (Still 29)
2. The Husband moved in to the power delivery side of the business that he works in and was really excited and happy about it.  He started loving his job! (Still 29)
3. I was offered a job back in HR at the company that I work at, since we are living closer to the corporate office again. This is something that I had been thinking about and really wanted. (3 weeks before turning 30)
4. The husband surprised me with a trip to Vegas with some of our friends.  Best husband ever!  We celebrated my dirty thirty in style! ( 2 weeks before turning 30)
(Celebrating my dirty thirty Vegas style!)
5. Drum roll please...we made an offer on a house two days before my birthday and on my birthday, after we had countered, they accepted our offer!!!!!
Okay, so maybe many of the things happened when I was 29 but they were all leading up to turning thirty and they all helped me to accept the inevitable.  
So ladies and gentleman if you are getting ready to turn thirty embrace it!  If you are getting ready to turn forty then sorry about your luck, just kidding!  

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Offer - Counter - Counter...

Okay, so we found a house on Sunday that we really like.  I mean REALLY like.  It checks a lot of our boxes.  It is on a cul-de-sac, no houses behind it, it has a two car garage with a bump out, a mud room, a den, a loft, a garden tub in the master bath and a double sink, laundry room is upstairs, the list goes on and on.  So we decided to make an offer on it, scary and exciting at the same time.

Problem...Of course nothing is ever easy, especially when buying a house.  So what is the problem?  We looked at the comps.  Uh oh....do you see where I am going with this?  Their list price is way over what it comps out to be.  We figure we will go in with an offer anyways and see where we will get.  If we don't try then we will never know.

First offer was made on Sunday night and sent off to their Realtor.  They had until Tuesday at noon to respond.  We hear nothing back by Monday night.  Come Tuesday morning I am assuming that they have decided not to respond to our offer.  Lo and behold at 11:00 a.m. our Realtor has an offer for us.  They countered!  Woo hoo, we have some movement.  They went down by $5,000.00, we still have a ways to go but I am excited.

The Husband and I discuss and we decide to counter back, we move up $4,000.00.  We sign the offer and send back to our Realtor.  He says that he will send it in the early afternoon, they have until Friday at 9:00 a.m. to respond, so the waiting begins.

Our Realtor responds today, he has sent the offer in and their Realtor has received it.

The Problem:  The seller's Realtor is having a hard time convincing them that their house is not worth what they have listed it for.  Our Realtor responds and tries to explain.  Comps are e-mailed and appraisals explained.  Not that this Realtor does not know what they are doing but to present to their client.

You see, which many of you may know, if the house is not appraised for what the accepted offer is, then you have a HUGE problem.  #1. The bank will not approve your loan and #2. You are not out the money you spent on inspections and an appraisal.  Who wants to lose this kind of money?  Certainly not me!

So now we sit and wait...and wait some more...

As much as I love the house, I realize that it just might not happen.  That is okay because I know that when the time is right, we will find that perfect house for us.

So keep blogging and adventuring my friends and I will keep you updated on the status of our house hunt.

Until next time!