Thursday, May 8, 2014

Becoming a Stay at Home Wife

Well I have an announcement to make...I am going to try staying home for a bit.  I provided my notice last Friday and May 23rd is supposed to be my last day at work.

I have very mixed emotions about this decision.  On one hand I am very excited about all of the opportunities that I will have doing this.  On the other hand I will miss the extra income and feel like I am giving up a piece of who I am.  I have always defined myself by my career, some will understand this and others will not.  I have worked hard to get to where I am at.  I probably have not shared in the past but I work in Human Resources as an HR Manager and this year I recently passed my PHR.  I love my job and have a passion for it but I am ready for a break.  I am ready for a new adventure!

I just keep telling myself that the world is my oyster.  There are so many different things that I can do now.  I can finish up projects around the house, cook more, focus on losing weight and volunteer.  Hopefully I will also get the opportunity to blog more.

Maybe I need to blog about a year in the life of a stay at home housewife.  A crazy HR lady housewife.

Maybe it sounds like I am ungrateful.  Many people would kill to be able to stay home.  I am grateful, I promise.  Sometimes it is just hard to envision yourself in another role.  Even though this is the role that I want to be in right now.

My Husband and I thought long and hard about this decision before making it.  So please continue to follow me here as I transition in to a stay at home housewife.

Let the transition begin and wish me luck!

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