Sunday, June 30, 2013

Glaucoma at 30????

Recently I have been trying to be more healthy.  I HATE being overweight.  Oh who am I kidding???  I hate being FAT.  This is not the person I have always been and I do not want to be this person anymore.  So I put a plan together.

1. Start working out
2. Quit smoking
3. Start eating healthier

Along with this plan is taking care of myself, doctor check ups and trying to de-stress more.

So as I was working on this plan of action, I knew that I needed to schedule an eye doctor appointment.  It had been a couple of years since I had been to the eye doctor, I could tell my vision had changed and I needed new glasses.  I finally stopped putting it off and decided to make an appointment.  Originally I was trying to find a place that was close to my house, but then I decided with my families eye history issues, I would go where my parents and grandmother go.  I honestly did not expect to have any issues, I mean I am 30 right?  Wrong...When I went to the eye doctor and they checked the pressure in my eyes, the pressure was super high in both eyes.  They suspected Glaucoma but I would have to schedule an appointment to go through the testing.  They prescribed some eye drops and I had to wait three weeks before my next appointment.

I go to my next appointment hoping that it is not Glaucoma, again I am still stuck on this whole being 30 thing.  I go through all the testing and the final diagnosis is Glaucoma.  Luckily there is no peripheral damage but apparently there is some damage in one eye, nothing that they seemed overly concerned about and I am not sure if this was even related.  I did ask lots of questions but there is so much information to take in.

They ended up having to change the drops that I was using because it did not bring the pressure down in my eyes enough.  However, I am having an issue with these drops and need to call them tomorrow.

Obviously I am upset about this diagnosis but what can you do?  As long as I keep the pressure down I should not have any issues.  It is nothing that I did wrong, it is just something that happens and it is hereditary.  Even though I don't understand why I have this issue so young, I will do everything that I can to control it.

So folks, remember to get your eyes checked on a regular basis, no matter what your age is.  Your eye health is just as important as the rest of your health!