Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moving is Expensive With a Capital E

I know, I know, you are sitting there saying, "duh, well of course moving is expensive!"  I guess it was one of those repressive memories of mine; something that I did not want to think about.  So as I sit here typing this I feel a lot lighter and not in the I have lost weight or spiritual way but in the way that hits your pocketbook.

I could list out all of things that are so costly about moving but that would be boring and does anyone really care?  Probably not.  There are just all of those big and small expenses that add up and make you groan.  So folks let this be a lesson for you, DON'T MOVE, even if your husband is transferred.  Okay, that is not really realistic.

I guess the Husband and I will be eating ramen noodles for the next month or so.  Nah, just kidding.  I have been learning to meal plan.  I am on this kick that we are going to stop eating out as much and start eating at home and so far we have been doing pretty good with this.  We have had a couple of slip ups but we are on our way.  Tonight was something easy, sloppy joes and tater tots because I thought that we were going to be putting furniture pad things (whatever) on our chairs and kitchen table and then the new rug underneath (this is a whole different story but long story short, our kitchen chairs do not like the vinyl flooring in our kitchen).  However, the Husband came home from work today and announced, "golf hurts" (he went golfing with my father yesterday).  So, I knew right then and there that this project would not be accomplished tonight.  No problem I have lots of other things to do, the boxes keeping yelling things at me like, "unpack me".  Maybe those are just the voices in my head, I am not really sure.

So tonight's lessons are moving is expensive and "golf hurts".  With that being said I think many of our adventures in the next coming weeks will involve getting settled in.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

Goodbye Kentuckiana

Wow two blogs in one day.  Don't worry, I will not make a habit of this.  :-)  I just feel like I should write a goodbye message to Kentuckiana, since I spent almost 2 1/2 years of my life there and the first part of my marriage.

Time sure did fly by while we were there.  I had mixed emotions about this move, part of me was excited because it would be a new adventure and we would be closer to my parents.  Then there was a part of me that was nervous because we would have to settle in somewhere new and make new friends, although I am not that far away from old friends, from when I lived in Central Indiana before.  Then part of me was sad because there are many things, places and people that I will miss in Kentuckiana.

Some of the things, places and people that I will miss...

1. Living near my cousin, his wife and their three girls.  The Husband and I will really miss seeing them on a regular basis.  Those girls sure do have the Husband wrapped around their little fingers.

2. The ladies at Bible study/book group.  I learned so much from all of them and enjoyed spending time and studying with them.

3.  Calvary Christian Church (Sellersburg, IN)

4.  CC Spa (New Albany, IN) - Wonderful place where I spent every other Saturday getting a massage, Melanie was a wonderful massage therapist and I will miss her.  I will also miss my membership where I received 50% off all services. They no longer offer the 50% but I think they have a 35% off all services membership plan now.

5.  My hairstylist Emmy.  She was great!  She did work at Design Images but they have recently closed so she is lined up to go to a new salon, I just do not remember the name right now.

6. Downtown Louisville - There is just so much to do there, lots of museums, activities, the waterfront, ect.

7.  Lights Under Louisville - The Christmas light exhibit at the Mega Cavern in Louisville, KY.

8.  Zaytuns - A wonderful Mediterranean restaurant on Bardstown Rd. in Lousiville.  Their Gyros and Tribal Fries were to die for.

9.  Chuy's - A Tex - Mex restaurant in Clarksville, IN and Louisville, KY.  Their fajitas are melt in your mouth delicious.

10.  The rent we were paying at the apartment complex we lived at.  Please do not mistake this as missing the apartment because I will not miss that, just the price we paid in rent.

11.  My best friend, her husband and their dog, who just moved down to the Kentuckiana area from Central Indiana.  We were like ships passing in the night.  I was so excited that she was moving down and would be closer to us but then we were transferred.  We had some good times together before Kentuckiana and while in Kentuckiana and there will be more good times to come.

There are other individuals and places I will miss about the area but the above is a list of some of them.  So goodbye Kentuckiana.  You will be missed but I will see you soon and I am ready for the next adventure that life brings (please don't let it be a bad one).

I Hate Moving

I think the title of my blog about sums it up.  I hate moving!  No matter how organized you think you may be not everything always goes as planned and anyone who tells you differently is lying.  They have blocked the memory of their moves from their minds.

Yes, folks that is right we have moved.  We are no longer in the Southern Indiana/Louisville Indiana area, we are now located in Central Indiana.  The Husband's job transferred him so now we are in a new area. I will also need to change the title of my blog page.

So I am not going to lie, I was not as organized as I could have been this move but I do think it was better then some times in the past. I think what made it most difficult was that the Husband was on a job assignment somewhere else 7-8 weeks (I lost count, it was way too long) leading up to our move.  Which meant that he was only available on the weekends to help, including us finding a new place to live.  However, my mom, who is one of the most wonderful women on earth took some time off right before the move and during the move to help.  Bless her!

Moving day arrived on Wednesday and I had to go in to work, so mom and the Husband went to pick up the truck, waited on the movers to load the truck and were loading the rest of the odds and ends.  When I got home from work there was still a lot to do.  The movers had come and gone but there were so many misc. items that needed to be loaded or thrown away.  It felt like the longest day ever!  I am not sure I can even describe it, by the end of the day I think we all wanted to kill one another. Finally around 11:30 p.m. everything was loaded up in the cars, the truck and the apartment was cleaned.  We were all so exhausted and we did not want mom to have to drive the Husband's car up that late so we dropped it off, where the Husband had been working, prior to the transfer, for us to come and pick up later.  Mom and I took turns driving and drove to their place, we finally arrived there a little after 2:00 a.m. The Husband drove the moving truck straight on to our new place since the movers would be there to unload that morning.

On Thursday the truck was unloaded but since we had not completed painting (we still need to finish painting) bedroom furniture, ect. are in the middle of the rooms.  Much of the kitchen was unloaded and the family room put together, minus painting.

Of course, issues still arose.  On Saturday I went to pick up the router for our internet connection at mom and dad's place (we had it shipped there).  I ran a couple of more errands and then it was back to my new home.  We were unable to get our computer chairs on the truck or in our cars, so we went out to search for a new computer chair for me.  I found one and we went back home.  That night the Husband was trying to get the router set up and could not get an internet connection, he decided to put the chair together.  There was something bent on it and it was crooked, so he knew we would have to exchange it.  He then resumed with calling AT&T and troubleshooting, they went through the whole spiel and then said it would cost us $55.00 if they sent a tech out and it was on our end.  Which is their standard answer, by this time it was after midnight so he gave up.  On Sunday morning he called back to see if we could get a tech out to take a look (keep in mind we still needed to go and pick up his car in New Albany).  They said they had figured out the issue was on their end and they would send a tech out between 12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  At this point I am sitting there thinking please be closer to noon.  Well what do you know the tech showed up at 11:30 a.m. (fist pump).  Turns out the issue was that the boxes on the side of the duplex were not labeled and the previous tech had a 50/50 chance of hooking it up to the right unit, he chose wrong.  So the new tech hooked everything up correctly and we were online.

Now to figure out the chair issue.  Since we did not want to dismantle the chair we loaded it up in the car as is, hoping that we could get it in there and head straight down to New Albany to pick up his car.  No such luck, the chair fit but it meant that I would not fit.  So the husband went to exchange it, they only had one chair left in stock.

We finally were able to head down and get his car.  We arrived home about 9:00 p.m. and boy were we exhausted.

So like I said, I hate moving.  I am glad to finally be in our new place.  We still have lots of unpacking to do but it is a process.  The main thing is we are here, safe, healthy and settled.  Plus I am all set up to work from home now.

So watch for our next adventure.  Maybe I should rename it living in box land and unpacking.  :-)