Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moving is Expensive With a Capital E

I know, I know, you are sitting there saying, "duh, well of course moving is expensive!"  I guess it was one of those repressive memories of mine; something that I did not want to think about.  So as I sit here typing this I feel a lot lighter and not in the I have lost weight or spiritual way but in the way that hits your pocketbook.

I could list out all of things that are so costly about moving but that would be boring and does anyone really care?  Probably not.  There are just all of those big and small expenses that add up and make you groan.  So folks let this be a lesson for you, DON'T MOVE, even if your husband is transferred.  Okay, that is not really realistic.

I guess the Husband and I will be eating ramen noodles for the next month or so.  Nah, just kidding.  I have been learning to meal plan.  I am on this kick that we are going to stop eating out as much and start eating at home and so far we have been doing pretty good with this.  We have had a couple of slip ups but we are on our way.  Tonight was something easy, sloppy joes and tater tots because I thought that we were going to be putting furniture pad things (whatever) on our chairs and kitchen table and then the new rug underneath (this is a whole different story but long story short, our kitchen chairs do not like the vinyl flooring in our kitchen).  However, the Husband came home from work today and announced, "golf hurts" (he went golfing with my father yesterday).  So, I knew right then and there that this project would not be accomplished tonight.  No problem I have lots of other things to do, the boxes keeping yelling things at me like, "unpack me".  Maybe those are just the voices in my head, I am not really sure.

So tonight's lessons are moving is expensive and "golf hurts".  With that being said I think many of our adventures in the next coming weeks will involve getting settled in.  

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