Monday, May 21, 2012

Goodbye Kentuckiana

Wow two blogs in one day.  Don't worry, I will not make a habit of this.  :-)  I just feel like I should write a goodbye message to Kentuckiana, since I spent almost 2 1/2 years of my life there and the first part of my marriage.

Time sure did fly by while we were there.  I had mixed emotions about this move, part of me was excited because it would be a new adventure and we would be closer to my parents.  Then there was a part of me that was nervous because we would have to settle in somewhere new and make new friends, although I am not that far away from old friends, from when I lived in Central Indiana before.  Then part of me was sad because there are many things, places and people that I will miss in Kentuckiana.

Some of the things, places and people that I will miss...

1. Living near my cousin, his wife and their three girls.  The Husband and I will really miss seeing them on a regular basis.  Those girls sure do have the Husband wrapped around their little fingers.

2. The ladies at Bible study/book group.  I learned so much from all of them and enjoyed spending time and studying with them.

3.  Calvary Christian Church (Sellersburg, IN)

4.  CC Spa (New Albany, IN) - Wonderful place where I spent every other Saturday getting a massage, Melanie was a wonderful massage therapist and I will miss her.  I will also miss my membership where I received 50% off all services. They no longer offer the 50% but I think they have a 35% off all services membership plan now.

5.  My hairstylist Emmy.  She was great!  She did work at Design Images but they have recently closed so she is lined up to go to a new salon, I just do not remember the name right now.

6. Downtown Louisville - There is just so much to do there, lots of museums, activities, the waterfront, ect.

7.  Lights Under Louisville - The Christmas light exhibit at the Mega Cavern in Louisville, KY.

8.  Zaytuns - A wonderful Mediterranean restaurant on Bardstown Rd. in Lousiville.  Their Gyros and Tribal Fries were to die for.

9.  Chuy's - A Tex - Mex restaurant in Clarksville, IN and Louisville, KY.  Their fajitas are melt in your mouth delicious.

10.  The rent we were paying at the apartment complex we lived at.  Please do not mistake this as missing the apartment because I will not miss that, just the price we paid in rent.

11.  My best friend, her husband and their dog, who just moved down to the Kentuckiana area from Central Indiana.  We were like ships passing in the night.  I was so excited that she was moving down and would be closer to us but then we were transferred.  We had some good times together before Kentuckiana and while in Kentuckiana and there will be more good times to come.

There are other individuals and places I will miss about the area but the above is a list of some of them.  So goodbye Kentuckiana.  You will be missed but I will see you soon and I am ready for the next adventure that life brings (please don't let it be a bad one).

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