Friday, April 13, 2012

Feeling Sassy

Yes, that is right folks I am feeling SASSY.  Why am I feeling sassy?  Well I am feeling sassy because I now have some read streaks in my hair.  Yes mom, they are red.

Last night I went to get my hair done and decided that we would add some of the streaks where you could see them and my hair stylist did an amazing job.  So much so that she decided she just might do that to her hair as well, her and I have very similar hair, in color and in curl (oh how I wish I had straighter hair).

So I am now sporting red streaks, at first I thought that maybe it was a little much in the front but I have been assured by multiple people that it looks great and this was without me asking.  Plus red does not always hold well with blond, so it will fade a bit.

Now we just need to see how the Husband feels about it.  So excited that he will be coming home tonight and that we will have a couple of days to spend together!  The honey do list keeps getting longer and longer.

So keep it SASSY folks!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Missing My Husband

Well I am feeling kind of sad tonight and blah.  I am missing my husband something terrible!  I just have that overall blah feeling, I am sure you know what I am saying.

The day did not start out bad and I guess overall it has not been a bad day.  The work day went by fast and I got a lot done, which is always a good thing.  Then the work day ended, I got in my car and I felt lonely, knowing that I would be going home to an empty apartment, so I decided to stop and a get a small pepperoni pizza with extra cheese from the New Albanian.  So home I went with my little pizza and I sat down to watch Smash (love this show).  Nope, I was still feeling lonely.  Off to the computer I went to download some songs from itunes, thinking to myself if I have some new songs on my ipod then I will be motivated enough to clean the bathroom.  Yeah, that is not working out so well for me, considering that I decided to start listening to my songs on the computer and then moseyed on over to my blog and thought, well hey, I might as well blog about missing my husband.

I guess I should explain why I miss my husband.  He is on a six week job assignment right now, so I only get to see him a couple of days a week.  Now if you knew my husband you would be like, why do you miss him?  No I am just kidding, you would not say that unless you were a family member.  Kidding...kind of.

So here I sit missing him and feeling sorry for myself.  Bad me!  In my defense though since we have been married we have not really spent that many nights a part, so I kind of got used to having him around.

So dear, this blog is for you, I miss you and love you!

Well I hear the bathroom calling me, it is saying clean me...I think the laundry is screaming at me to.  See what happens when the husband is gone?  Just kidding. :-)

I will try to blog more often, until next time.  Hope everyone is having a better night then me!