Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Missing My Husband

Well I am feeling kind of sad tonight and blah.  I am missing my husband something terrible!  I just have that overall blah feeling, I am sure you know what I am saying.

The day did not start out bad and I guess overall it has not been a bad day.  The work day went by fast and I got a lot done, which is always a good thing.  Then the work day ended, I got in my car and I felt lonely, knowing that I would be going home to an empty apartment, so I decided to stop and a get a small pepperoni pizza with extra cheese from the New Albanian.  So home I went with my little pizza and I sat down to watch Smash (love this show).  Nope, I was still feeling lonely.  Off to the computer I went to download some songs from itunes, thinking to myself if I have some new songs on my ipod then I will be motivated enough to clean the bathroom.  Yeah, that is not working out so well for me, considering that I decided to start listening to my songs on the computer and then moseyed on over to my blog and thought, well hey, I might as well blog about missing my husband.

I guess I should explain why I miss my husband.  He is on a six week job assignment right now, so I only get to see him a couple of days a week.  Now if you knew my husband you would be like, why do you miss him?  No I am just kidding, you would not say that unless you were a family member.  Kidding...kind of.

So here I sit missing him and feeling sorry for myself.  Bad me!  In my defense though since we have been married we have not really spent that many nights a part, so I kind of got used to having him around.

So dear, this blog is for you, I miss you and love you!

Well I hear the bathroom calling me, it is saying clean me...I think the laundry is screaming at me to.  See what happens when the husband is gone?  Just kidding. :-)

I will try to blog more often, until next time.  Hope everyone is having a better night then me!

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