Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cooking Goddess????

So in the past I have blogged a little bit about not being a domestic goddess and that I do not really cook.  Well I think I might just turn out to be a cooking goddess, there is still hope left.  Yes, that is right I have been cooking since we have moved and this week I tried out two new recipes <insert pat on the back here>.

One night I made southwest lasagna rolls for dinner.  The Husband is not a huge fan of ricotta cheese.  How could you not like ricotta cheese cooked in things.  Well he doesn't, fortunately for him he was saved by my parents surprising us with Portillio's, on their way home from Chicago.  He was saved and did not have to eat it for dinner.  I simply packed it up, sent some home with my parents for them to eat as leftovers and saved some for me to eat for lunch.  The Husband did try it and declared that it had to much ricotta in it.  As far as my thoughts on the recipe, it was not bad but it was a little bland.  So next time I will need to add something to it, not sure what but I will figure it out.

Tonight I made Cantonese beef.  It was a hit and we both liked it!  The Husband was a very happy husband.  Darn, now he is going to expect me to cook more.  Hmmmm....must make more recipes with ricotta cheese.  This was the first time that I had cooked with a dutch oven and I was impressed. I might just have to keep my parent's dutch oven, shhhh don't tell them.  My dad made me promise that I would return it.

The other nights we did not eat out, in fact I do not think that we have eaten out for dinner this whole week <insert another pat on the back here>.  One night the Husband cooked (I love you dear!), another night we ate at my parent's house and last night was fend for yourself, which means the Husband ate leftover ham from my parent's dinner and I had some bread and butter, I was not feeling very well last night.

So there might be hope for me yet!  I am already planning what I might make next week.  Ricotta, ricotta, ricotta...

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