Monday, February 27, 2012

Squire Boone Who?

I didn't know anything about Squire Boone before Sunday.  Maybe it is because I am not from the area originally or maybe I did learn something about him in school but have since forgotten.  Either way, we set out on Sunday to learn a little more about him.

First let me start off by saying you all know how I love my deals.  I have people ask me all the time, how did you find out about that, where did you get that coupon, ect.  This adventure was no exception.  I happened to learn about Squire Boone Cavern on the Louisville Mega Cavern's FB page, so I decided to like it.  That is when I discovered that for the month of February they were doing a promotion.  If you brought you sweetie and mentioned the post, it was buy one admission get one free.  What a deal right?

So off we went on Sunday to visit Squire Boone Cavern.  Admission price total for the two of us $14.50.

What did I learn about Squire Boone?  I learned that he was a jack of all trades, and he excelled at everything.  Long story short, when he went to Virginia, where he was a Statesman, he had been living in KY and owned a lot of land.  When he returned two years later he had been cheated out of his land by his business partners and there were some tax issues with Virginia as well.  He vowed never to step foot in KY again and ended up settling in Indiana, where he had discovered the cavern when he was hiding from Indians, earlier in life.  When he discovered it because he had survived, he felt blessed and blessed the land as sacred ground.  So this is where he returned to live out the rest of his life.

On our visit we toured the cavern with a guide, who was very knowledgeable, I really enjoyed listening to what he had to say.  The coolest part about the cavern for me was that you stand over a waterfall that is underground.  That was awesome!  A little scary as well because you think to yourself what if the grate falls. The other interesting part was when the guide talked about Squire Boone and who he was, what he did in life and how he discovered the cavern.  Some of his bones are actually down there in a casket.

Unfortunately, since it is winter, the village was not open because it is only open during the summer months, so this is something that we will have to go back and see. The village looked neat, it has a little bakery, a grist mill, candle shop and soap shop.

So we enjoyed our little adventure to Squire Boone Cavern in Mauckport, IN.  If you are looking for something different to do I definitely recommend checking it out. Just a quick little warning though there are over 70 something steps on your way up and down.  My thighs are definitely feeling the burn today but I also wore my sketcher shape ups during the tour.

Happy adventuring!

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