Friday, July 6, 2012

Did We Just Have a Holiday????

Wait a minute was that the Fourth of July that just passed us by? did not feel like a holiday, partly because it was smack in the middle of the week on a Wednesday and then because it was SO HOT out.  Seriously, I wonder if this is what Hell feels like?

Usually the Fourth of July is spent doing things like going to a cook out and watching fireworks.  Not this year though.  Nope this year we spent the day inside, relaxing in the nice air conditioned house.  I am not saying that I had a bad holiday, it was just different.

Sadly the fireworks in town were cancelled (dry conditions) and in all honestly we did not feel like cooking out, as previously mentioned it was HOT out.  I did however catch the fireworks that were set off downtown Indy on the TV.  So I felt a little bit like I was celebrating the Fourth of July.

Hopefully this heat will dissipate some soon and I will feel like adventuring a little more.  So if you are brave enough to brave the heat then keep on adventuring.  I meanwhile will keep the adventuring outside to a minimum and will try to come up with some neat and interesting things to do indoors.  Adventures in the Family Room?  Adventures in the Kitchen?

Until next time!  Make sure to hydrate and stay cool.

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