Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hello Again

I guess I have not blogged since around the Fourth of July.  Ughh...where does time go?  The Husband and I have just been super busy with trying to get things done around the new place and lots of summer activities, birthday parties, catching up with my parents, ect.  So we have been doing things, not just sitting home like bumps on a log, I just have not blogged.

Can I blame some of it on the heat?  I mean what is up with this super hot summer????  You walk outside and the humidity just smacks you in the face. I wish I could be a bump on a log, a bump on a log that just sits in the air conditioning all day and all night. Well maybe not, then I would go stir crazy but in all seriousness could we please just get a little break from all of this heat!!!

So I promise to try to do better and blog more.

Until next time try to stay cool and keep hydrated!

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