Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Don't Judge Me

Okay, so I am overweight.  This is not why I am asking you not to judge me.  While my friend and I were in Vegas we decided that we were going to commit to starting to work out together.  We would be workout buddies.

So we have started...Last night we worked out with the Wii to Just Dance Disney Party.  This is why I asked you not to judge me.  What can I say, she has kids and it was convenient.  Now let me tell you that thing can give you quite a workout, especially Hannah Montana's Hoedown or whatever.  C'mon you know I had to try that song, it just made me laugh and if you can not guess why, well I am just not going to explain it to you.

So at the end of the workout, I was huffing and puffing but yet I felt good.  I was like "I got this".  Well it got me, do you know that after doing I don't know how many dances and songs, the sucker had the audacity to tell me I had only burned 19 something calories.  I told that you know what that it was wrong, I was a fat girl and I had burned way more calories then that with all of that boob shaking and bouncing around.  I think I almost threw the Wii remote at it.  However, I restrained myself since I did not want to ruin my friend's TV.  I kind of thought she might frown upon that and maybe would not invite me over to work out again.

So after all of that here is what I am thinking...

Just kidding, kind of.  I am committed to continuing to workout.  Hey, I even bought a three pound sand ball that I can throw at people at work.  Wait am I not supposed to do that?  Okay, I bought it to lift from time to time when I take a break.

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