Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Husband Vs. My Purses

So the Husband has this thing about telling me I have to many purses.  How could a woman possibly have to many purses?  This is just not possible!

He jokes about me getting rid of some of them but I will never part with them, NEVER, do you hear me?

So what started me on this topic?  Well I was going about my own business this weekend, cleaning out some of my purses and packing them all nicely in to a box, preparing them for the big move to our new house.  When he decided to write this on the box and snap a picture.

He thinks he is so funny!  I will get him back for posting this on Facebook; I will get him when he least expects it.

So for now I need to get back to packing. Until next time...hopefully we will be packed and unpacked.

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