Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't Wanna Be An American Idiot...

Hmmm...so what do you think this blog is about?  If you are a Green Day fan then you might have figured it out.  If you are not then you probably think this blog is about something totally different then what it is really about.

Drum roll please (literally).....

Yes, that is right folks, I went to see the Broadway show Green Day's American Idiot!  Not on Broadway but through Broadway Across America.

Check out the tickets, they were second row!

Yes, we sat that close!  I have to say the show was awesome!  The music was a blast from the past and I could not stop moving to the music.  The actors/actresses were phenomenal and with sitting so close you could really see all of their facial expressions.

My friend and I had a blast and really enjoyed the show.  If it is in your area then I suggest checking it out, if you were a Green Day fan.  If you were not then this would not probably be a good show for you.  

I can't wait for next year's show line up!  Have you seen any shows lately that you have enjoyed?

P.S.  This show is not appropriate for kids so I would not suggest taking them.

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