Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adventures In Bowling Green, Kentucky

A couple of months ago I spotted a Groupon (I absolutely love Groupon) for the Romance Package at Holiday Inn University in Bowling Green, KY.  I decided to purchase this since my husband had mentioned that he wanted to go to the Corvette Museum some time.  I figured that this would be the perfect opportunity to go.

I religiously watched Groupons in the area, hoping that maybe something for the Corvette Museum would come up but I had no such luck.  What I did find before our trip was a Groupon to Hidden River Cave in Horse Cave, KY.  So of course I had to make this purchase!  Although I never did find a Groupon for the Corvette Museum, I did find a coupon online for $2.00 off each adult admission.  Now our trip was planned.

My husband and I took off of work on Friday and headed down in the afternoon to start our adventure in Bowling Green, KY.  The drive down was scenic and enjoyable.  We finally arrived at the hotel and checked in.  The hotel is fairly large because it has a conference center attached to it.  The lobby was nice, with fountains, ect.  The rooms left a little to be desired, they were clean but it was older and the bed was very hard.  We went swimming in the pool and used the hot tub after dinner, which was very nice.  Definitely no complaints about the swimming area.If we ever make our way down there again we will probably check out another hotel.  I am not complaining though since it was a spectacular price with the Groupon. I should also mention that part of the romance package included chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, it also included the breakfast buffet in their restaurant the next morning. 

After we checked in we decided to go and get some dinner.  Instead of eating at a chain (remember I am trying to do new things) I  found a restaurant that I thought we might try, which had been mentioned in Kentucky Living Magazine (the magazine was another Groupon purchase, I told you I absolutely love Groupon).  The name of the restaurant is 440 Main and it was wonderful!  If you are ever in Bowling Green or driving through, I highly recommend that you stop there for dinner.  In fact my husband wants to try to plan a trip just so he can back and eat there, I had to laugh at this.  We started out with the Cajun Spring Rolls, which are stuffed with andouille sausage, chicken and monterey jack cheese and served with a mango BBQ sauce.  My husband loved these!  Since it was so hot out I was not really wanting anything as fried as this but the mango BBQ sauce was delicious. Instead I enjoyed their ceasar salad, which was very good.  Four our entrees my husband ordered the Kentucky proud black angus rib eye steak with melted garlic butter.  The steak was melt in your mouth, you barely had to use your mouth, I was in heaven when I tasted it.  I ordered the southern style crab cakes, which were also very good!  So I must say, I made an excellent choice for dinner!

The next day we checked out, after sleeping in of course and headed over to the Corvette Museum.  We had hoped to do a factory tour but they are only M-Thr., we realized this after we had already made our reservation, so we knew before we got there that we would not be able to do this.  The Corvette Museum was neat and interesting but not somewhere we will be going back to, unless of course it is to pick up a Corvette we buy, which is not anywhere in the near future, or maybe the future at all.  After our visit there we went over to Art's Corvette, a used dealership to of classic cars, just to walk around.  I had never been charged admission to walk around a dealership, but hey I guess everybody needs to make a buck.  My husband enjoyed it so that is all that matters.

Well that part of the adventure was over so it was time to head over to Horse Cave, to Hidden River Cave.  I had not been on a cave tour for years so I was looking forward to this, what I was not looking forward to was all of the stairs.  There are 230 stairs on your way down and 230 stairs to get back up.  I am not in shape at all so I was pretty nervous about this.  Not nervous about going down but about getting back up.  Well we made it down and it was very cool, literally and figuratively speaking.  The tour guide was funny and he was very informative about the cave and the history of it.  I even made it back up the stairs but those last ten stairs were rough and I thought I might die, okay maybe not for real but it was rough.  If you are in shape, trying to get in shape and think you can do this, then I think it is worth the tour.

This concludes our trip to this area of KY, if you are ever headed that way maybe this blog will help you! 

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