Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saturday Classes

So do any of you out there have significant others or spouses in school?  I have probably mentioned in past posts that the Husband is currently back in school working on his degree.  This semester he has been taking an online class and now he has just started a Saturday class that lasts for 8 weeks.  The Saturday class he attends is all day and is about 2 hrs. and 15 min. away from where we live.  Poor guy!

So since he has this class on Saturday I have been trying to find things to do to keep me occupied.  Not that I need the Husband to entertain me but the weekends are when we get to spend time together and since I am cooped up in the house all week, working from home, I like to get out and do things.

I have found some Groupon, LivingSocial deals, ect. that I have been purchasing so that I can schedule some appointments for some pampering.  A nice way to have some me time!

So what have I been doing to keep myself busy?  As you saw in a previous post, one Saturday my mom came over to hang out and help me get some things done around our place.  This Saturday though I took myself out on a date!

I started the morning off with a massage (unfortunately no Groupon was used for this, I bit the bullet and paid full price).  I really needed one, I was getting cranky and it had been awhile since I had one.  Then it was back home to drop off a diet coke for Turtle and talk for a few minutes.  Then I was off again to take myself out to lunch.  Destination Buffalo Wild Wings, I was craving some of their popcorn shrimp.  The Husband is not a huge fan, kind of messes with his stomach, so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to go.  Then it was off to Kohl's to spend some Kohl's cash (Shout out to Turtle for giving me the Kohl's cash to use).

After all of that I was going to come home and work on some laundry, I heard it screaming my name, instead I plopped down on the couch with a good book to read and relax.  Then I thought about working around the house some more, I mean really why can't this stuff get done on its own?  However, the Husband called and was on his way home, so he wanted me to meet him about 1/2 way to have a dinner date at Olive Garden.  How could I refuse the man I love right?  My hottie husband wanted to have a date night and tell me about his day at class.  Off to Olive Garden I went, dang GPS system got me lost too but that is okay I finally found my way to the Husband.

I guess I did not get much down around the house but I did have a great day by myself!  Now just to figure out what I am going to do for the next six Saturdays that he has class.

No plans yet for next Saturday.  Any ideas or suggestions?

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