Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stir Crazy!

Lately I have been going stir crazy and I have felt cooped up.  I attribute these feelings to the lack of socialization  that I have had lately and that fact that I have been cooped up.  I believe that some of this stems from the fact that I now work from home three days a week, due to the bridge being shutdown.  Now I am in no way complaining about working from home because I do enjoy it, it is just that when you work from home you do not see anyone.  Sorry Tinsel but you do not count as human interaction since you are a cat.  Although I do know that she enjoys me working from home.  :-)

Some of the other reasons would probably be that my husband has been sick the last few weekends so we have been stuck inside on the weekends and I am stuck inside during the week, so it was driving me crazy.  Now I know that I can go out without my him and I do but since he was feeling very under the weather I stayed home and took care of him.  Last reason would be that he has classes some nights during the week so I am bored at home.  I really need to find a hobby or sign up for a class!  Again, I am not complaining, I am very proud that my husband is back in school and doing very well.  I am simply stating why I have been bored, ect.

So since my husband knows me so well and knew that I was going stir crazy he planned a surprise for me this weekend.  Drum roll please...

He planned an overnight getaway in downtown Louisville.  Priceline I love you!!!

He can read me so well and knew that I needed to get out so he booked a night at the Hyatt in downtown Louisville.  I guess he planned all of this on Friday before he went to class.  He even went to the florist and ordered a beautiful flower arrangement to give to me on Saturday.

So on Saturday we got up and worked around the house some, went to lunch at the Olive Garden and ran some errands.  As we were headed back home we pulled up to the florist.  I asked why we were there and he said that he had an order to pick up.  I was so surprised that he had gotten me flowers!  They are very beautiful and I absolutely love them.  Then we went home and packed for my surprise night downtown.

We had a wonderful and relaxing night and enjoyed our dinner at the Sports and Social club at Fourth Street Live.  The hotel was right next to Fourth Street Live and the weather was not bad for a quick walk over there.

Then on Sunday we enjoyed breakfast at Einstein Bagels and quick dip in the pool and the hot tub at the hotel.  Then sadly it was time to check out.  However, our weekend adventure was not over.  Next stop Louisville Mega Cavern to use our Groupon.  Since tomorrow would be the last day to use it we went and got our tickets and then went to Chilis for lunch.  He had not been to Chilis for a long time and really wanted to go.  So we enjoyed our lunch and then it was back to Louisville Mega Cavern for our tram tour.

The tour was awesome!  It last for about 70 mins. and you are pulled by a jeep.  It was really neat to learn about the history of the cavern.  I am so glad we went and would recommend it to anyone!

So tomorrow it is back to the real world.  I had a wonderful weekend and I am blessed to have a wonderful husband!  I feel very relaxed and I am ready for the hectic work week ahead.

So I sign off of here feeling less stir crazy and very relaxed.  Now to find a hobby...

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