Friday, September 21, 2012

My Bucket List

What is a bucket list?  Many people mention they can cross that trip, item, ect. off their bucket list but do they really have one written down or typed up.  I am one of those individuals that will say, oh I can cross that off of my bucket list or add that to my bucket list but I don't really have one written down (or in this case typed) anywhere..

I think it is finally time that I type up my bucket list.  Most of my items contain places I want to go but there are other items on there as well.  I am sure that I will also add to it over time.

I have actually been very blessed in life, I was able to travel to many different places with my parents when I was growing up.  I have been all over the U.S, not to all 50 states but to many of them.  I have also traveled to Canada, Mexico, France and Spain.

I was recently able to cross one item off of my bucket list.  Buying/owning a Mustang.  When I was a teenager I always said that I wanted a yellow Mustang GT convertible.  Well, as I got older I just wanted a Mustang and now I have one!  I call her Mustang Sally.


  1. Own a Mustang. (09/12)
  2. Travel to Greece
  3. Travel to Barbados
  4. Travel to Alaska
  5. Visit Savannah, GA
  6. Take a cruise
  7. Swim with the dolphins
  8. Buy a house (03/13)
  9. Celebrate My Dirty Thirty in Style (01/13)
  10. Visit Las Vegas  (01/13)

So as time goes on I will be adding to my list.  If you have heard me mention anything I really wanted to do, that is not on my list.  Hit me up and let me know.  I might add it.

So what is on your bucket list?

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