Monday, December 5, 2011

Family Time in Poplar Bluff, MO

Sadly my husband's mother passed away a little over a week before Thanksgiving.  So for the Thanksgiving holiday we headed down to Missouri to make arrangements for his mother's memorial service and to spend time with a couple of his brothers and their families.

To break our drive up on the way down we ended up staying at the Candlewood Suites in Cape Girardeau. The hotel was very nice and comfortable, from what I could tell, since we were not there for very long.  However, if we are ever in Cape Girardeau again I would definitely stay there again, no complaints.  I was actually quite impressed with Cape Girardeau, it appeared that there were quite a few sightseeing opportunities.  Since we were on our way to see family, we did not have time to take advantage of any of these opportunities but if we are ever in the area again I would definitely be be interested in exploring.

Since his mom had been living in Piedmont, MO, we made our way over to her rental house to meet up with a couple of his bothers and their families.  We all visited there for a while sharing memories and the brothers discussed arrangements that needed to be made.  After that we went over to the church and ate some dinner, played board games and caught up with one another on what was going on in life.

That night we checked in to our hotel.  We ended up booking a jacuzzi suite at the Holiday Inn, in Poplar Bluff.  There were a couple of issues with this hotel but overall we had a good stay and you could not beat the price, we have a family and friends discount that we get.

The following day was spent with family as well.  I really enjoyed the time that I got to spend with my sister-in-law.  We got to know one another a little better since we had only met one time at my husband's father's funeral.  I also enjoyed meeting my two youngest nephews.  The were true delights to spend time with!

Unfortunately, during this trip I was not able to go over the state line to Arkansas.  I wanted to add it to the list of states that I have visited and been to.  My total count is 28 or 29 states, I need to verify one location with my parents.  I have also been to four countries, not including the United States.

The trip ended to soon.  It was time to head home and say goodbye.  On our way home we stopped at Lambert's Cafe, the only home of  throwed rolls.  Yes, they really do throw rolls at you!  It was a neat place to eat at, with a really neat atmosphere.  Mainly fried foods, a little to salty for my taste but I am glad that we stopped there.

Overall, despite the sadness and the reason for the trip we had a good time.  The brothers were able to get some things done, in regards to his mother, we were able to spend some time with some of the family and the drive in MO was beautiful.

Hopefully, if we ever get down there again, it will be for a better reason and not because a relative passed away.

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