Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yesterday my husband and I went to Homearama in Prospect, Ky which is located in the Norton Commons neighborhood.  There were a total of 21 homes, the majority of the homes had a second story, sometimes even a third and the majority of them of them had finished basements.  This was approximately a total of 63 flights of stairs.  Can you say what a work out?

So why did we decide to make this one of our adventures? 

1.  We love to go and look at different houses, styles and sometimes pick up some decorating tips.
2.  It can be a lot of fun and all of the walking around is great exercise.
3.  I won free tickets from Today's Family Magazine.

Overall, we had a great time and enjoyed seeing some of the neat little touches that they added to some of the homes.  Listed below are some of  our favorite little extras.

1. The coffee maker installed in the wall in one of the master bedroom/bathroom area, along with the refrigerator.
2. Heated floors in some of the bathrooms.
3. The huge sleeping porch off of one of the master bedrooms.
4.  Many of the multiple little porches on most of the homes that had little fountains, screens that would go up and down, tvs on the porch, built in barbecues and fire pits, see through fireplaces.
5.  One of the master bedroom closets was to die for, this was in the same home as the coffee maker in the wall.
6.  Built in litter box area in one of the mudrooms
7. Dog steps that pulled out under a bay window for a dog to be able to get up to the window.
8.  Two of the basements were really awesome and it was a great use of the space.
9.  Some of the master bathroom showers were amazing.

The neighborhood definitely has a different feel to it.  If any of you have ever been to the Village of West Clay, in Carmel, IN it is very much like that feeling but it will probably be on a march larger scale.  Basically it will have that small village atmosphere with lots of different housing, houses that look like they are from the past, in a downtown era kind of feel.  They have small businesses, with apartments above, condos, townhouses, smaller homes, larger homes.  There is a fire station right in front, with a meeting hall, lots of little parks, small little shops and restaurants, dentists, doctors, dermatologists and they are in the process of building a YMCA.

Now, our personal feeling is why would you spend between $500, 000 up to $800,000 on homes that are anywhere from 3,000 - 4,500 square feet  and that are right on top of each other.  Is it that you are trying to keep up with the Joneses, or do you really want to live in one of these homes, are you truly in love with them?  Because for that amount of money, in this area, you could buy a very large piece of land, build an even larger home, with more extras and have an awesome in ground pool.  Below are some of the reasons that some of these homes were not that special.

1.  The kitchens were all basically the same, just with different color cabinets and they were actually pretty small for the price of the home.
2. There was nothing really special about most of the basements, I mean if you are spending this kind of money, I would want a rocked out basement.
3.  In a couple of homes they only had a stacked washer and dryer.  Are you kidding me?  These are how large and how expensive and I do not even get a decent laundry room.
4.  They tried to create an open floor plan in many of the homes but the space was not necessarily functional and flowed very oddly.
5.  In some of the master bedrooms there was not a large jacuzzi or garden tub.  Again, this was an are you kidding me moment.

These were just a few of our ????? moments.  We had others as well.

Overall, there were two homes that we loved almost all that they had done in them, where they did have the extras and two that were 1/2 way there.  The other homes just had bits and pieces that you could pull together.  So if we had the money, would we ever buy one of these homes?  Probably not.  However, we did have a great time and if you are looking for some entertainment that is not to expensive while getting a work out at the same time, then I would recommend going.  It is $10.00 per person, so for 21 homes, I think that is a great price.  However, my price was even better, I do love free!!

Until next time, keep on adventuring!

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